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Nurses On Purpose is a repositioning campaign and new way of life which aims to do justice to the real image of nursing. Nurses on Purpose, initiated and lead by FPNL, was launched in July 2007, charting a new & fresh perspective for the nursing profession!

The campaign’s objectives are two-fold:

  • To address the image that nursing professionals have of themselves through leadership interventions and communication training.
  • To positively influence the current perceptions of nursing in the media and public eye.

A successful strategy will contribute to attracting future nursing candidates to the profession, thus ensuring optimal levels of healthcare provision to all South Africans.

The time has certainly come for an action campaign that not only focuses on the media, but implores Nursing Professionals to take equal accountability in becoming advocates for the profession through professionalism and effective communication.

The Forum for Professional Nurse Leaders have identified 6 pillars that form the basis for an effective campaign going forward:

  • Nurses – the brand
  • Communication with a different tone
  • Recognition
  • Doctor – Nurse Relationships
  • Expert Media Management
  • Marketing and tactics