FPNL Membership

An exciting time with fundamental changes in the profession is awaiting us and you will become an integral part of the management and communication of these changes to the profession and the public with your membership.

Become a Member

Nurses who are registered with the SA Nursing Council or a similar body as professional or general nurses may become full members of the Forum. The Forum may confer honorary membership on any person who renders a distinctive service or promotes the objects of the Forum in a distinctive manner.

Subscription: The amount of the subscription fee(s) per member will be determined at a General Meeting of the Forum. Subscription fees will be payable annually before 28 February of each year.

Duties of members: Each member shall show a continued interest in the activities and objects of the Forum.


As a paid-up member of the Forum for Professional Nurse Leaders (FPNL), you will be entitled to the following benefits for the year:

  • Complimentary subscription to the Professional Nurse Today (PNT) Magazine – two publications per annum
  • 20% Discount on bi-annual the International Nursing Conference.
  • 10% Discount on all other Forum programmes, workshops and conferences.
  • An electronic newsletter – a quarterly publication – send to your personal email address.
  • Kept updated with information on the latest developments in the nursing profession shared with you making use of your personal email address.
  • A unique FPNL membership number that will give you membership to your specific regional structure as well as the national initiative. Please remember to quote this number when registering for any FPNL activity.

Membership Application/Renewal

I hereby apply for/renew my membership of the Forum for Professional Nurse Leaders, and in doing so give consent that my personal information be retained on the membership database of the Forum for Professional Nurse Leaders. Membership is open to Nursing Managers, Professional and General Nurses from the public and private sector and academia.

Note that membership will only be processed once proof of payment was received.  Payments should reflect name, surname and region.  Membership renewal requires FPNL membership number.